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Attrazioni principali

• Dynjandi Express group tour from Ísafjörður
• La cascata Dynjandi, maestosa icona dei fiordi occidentali
• Fjord landscape of Arnarfjörður, Dýrafjörður, Önundarfjörður, and Skutulsfjörður

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The highlight of the Dynjandi Express group tour from Ísafjörður is (unsurprisingly) the majestic Dynjandi waterfall, one of Iceland’s prettiest waterfalls and a true icon of the Westfjords region.

Along the way to Dynjandi we travel through some of the most beautiful fjords in Iceland, with views of fishing villages and raw nature. Geologically considered to be the oldest part of Iceland, Önundarfjörður has a unique golden beach and dune system that are a protected eider duck nesting site. Dýrafjörður is rich in flora, fauna, history and geological marvels, including being home to the tallest mountains in the Westfjords.

We take a new-but-storied tunnel from the bottom of Dýrafjörður. Before the opening of the tunnel in autumn 2020, the only connection between the northern and southern Westfjords was a treacherous mountain pass only accessible in the summer.

Dynjandi is at the bottom of the Dynjandisvogur creek in Arnarfjörður, one of the longest fjords in Iceland at 30km long.

A series of seven waterfalls with the appearance of a bridal veil cascade from the edge of a cliff. Dynjandi will take your breath away.

The river originates from the Eyjavatn Lake in the Gláma moors, which were considered to be a glacier until the late 19th century.

We stop for an hour so you can enjoy the waterfall and scenic landscape. It is possible to take a short hike for a closer look at the top tier and spectacular views of the fjord and surrounding mountains, though those who do not wish to hike can easily appreciate the spectacle from lower ground.

(Tours have a minimum of 20 people and a maximum of 50)

If your chosen date is not available, you might like to try one of our other tours, here.

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