Dynjandi & The Westfjords


• Dynjandi and the Westfjords, from Isafjordur
• Dynjandi waterfall: a true icon of the Westfjords region
• Charming Hrafnseyri farm, the birthplace of “President” Jon Sigurdsson
• A mountain pass and four different fjords
• Wildlife guaranteed, sometimes including whales and seals, if lucky
• Optional traditional Icelandic refreshments


5 hours
8 – 19 persons



More about the Tour

We start the Dynjandi and the Westfjords tour from Isafjordur, driving straight to Dynjandi, through some spectacular scenery and two very different (and surprisingly interesting) tunnels, re-emerging on the shore of the Dynjandisvogur creek of Arnarfjordur, after which the waterfall is named.

Actually a series of seven waterfalls, falling like a bridal veil from the edge of a cliff, Dynjandi is breathtaking. The river originates from Nedri Eyjavatn Lake, one of many on the Glama moors, which were actually considered to be a glacier until the end of the 19th century.

We stop at Dynjandi for an hour so you have time to absorb the waterfall and landscape with all your senses. Whether you choose to view from sea level, or to hike the rocky trail to the top, spectacular views of the fjord and surrounding mountains await you – regardless of age or physical ability.

From here, we continue to Hrafnseyri, named after Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson, a legendary chieftain spoken of in the Sagas of the Icelanders, but better known as the birthplace of Jon Sigurdsson. Jon was the most notorious leader of the Icelandic independence movement and is today considered a founding father of the country. His birthday is celebrated as the National Day.

You can walk around the restored turf house, visit the free exhibition, and take a look at the church. We recommend the homemade cakes at the café, which can be bought on the day (card payment preferred).

At 30km long, Arnarfjordur is one of the longest fjords in Iceland and is famed in folklore for being home to sea monsters.

Dyrafjordur is rich in flora, fauna, history and geological marvels, and home to the town of Thingeyri, one of the oldest settlements in the Westfjords. It is here where the regional Viking assembly (or “thing”) was held and the first trading post of the Westfjords was established.

Geologically considered to be the oldest part of Iceland, Onundarfjordur has a unique golden beach and dune system that are a protected eider duck nesting site.

Isafjordur town is in the smallest fjord, called Skutulsfjordur, but it lacks nothing in the way of scenery, despite its compact size.

(Tours have a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 19)

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