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• Dynjandi waterfall from Isafjordur
• Dynjandi is a majestic icon of the Westfjords
• Vues des fjords d’Onundarfjordur, Dyrafjordur et Arnarkjordur
La charmante ferme de Hrafnseyri, lieu de naissance de Jon Sigurdsson
• Optional: The village of Thingeyri
• Optional: The village of Flateyri and the charming Kaffi Sol
• Optional: The narrow and deep Sugandafjordur and the village of Sudureyri
• Optional: Skrudur garden
• Optional: The rugged drive / hike to Sandafell mountaintop

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A propos de l'excursion

We start the Dynjandi waterfall from Isafjordur tour by driving straight to Dynjandi via the new tunnel at the bottom of Dyrafjordur. The tunnel exits in the Dynjandisvogur creek of Arnarfjordur, after which the waterfall is named.

Actually a series of seven waterfalls falling like a bridal veil from the edge of a cliff, Dynjandi is breathtaking. The river originates from the Eyjavatn lake in the Glama moors, which was considered a glacier until the late 19th century.

We stop for an hour so you can enjoy the waterfall and scenic landscape. If you like, you can take a short hike for a closer look at the top tier and spectacular views of the fjord and surrounding mountains.

At 30 km long, Arnarfjordur is one of the longest fjords in Iceland and is known in folklore for being home to sea monsters. There is a museum dedicated to these mysterious creatures at Bildudalur, a town on the far side of the fjord.

We usually then visit Hrafnseyri, the historical home of Hrafn Sveinbjarnason, a legendary chieftain spoken of in the Sagas of the Icelanders, but today even better known as the birthplace of Jon Sigurdsson. Jon was the leader of the Icelandic independence movement and a founding father of the country, and his birthday is celebrated as the National Day.

Dyrafjordur est riche en flore, faune, histoire et merveilles géologiques et abrite la ville de Thingeyri, l’une des plus anciennes colonies dans les fjords de l’ouest. C’est ici que l’assemblée régionale des Vikings (ou « thing ») a eu lieu et où le premier poste de commerce des Fjords de l’ouest a été établi.
The Haukadalur farmstead beyond the town is the setting for many events in The Saga of Gisli, a classic outlaw Saga from the 9th and 10th century.

La chaîne de montagnes entre Dyrafjordur et Arnarfjordur est appelée les Alpes des fjords de l’ouest et nous nous arrêterons brièvement pour profiter de la montagne impressionnante et des vues sur le fjord.

It is possible to add extra time to your Dynjandi waterfall from Isafjordur tour to make other stops.

Geologically considered to be the oldest part of Iceland, Onundarfjordur has a unique golden beach and dune system that are a protected eider duck nesting site. It is possible to take a detour to the charming village of Flateyri at the mouth of the fjord.
Kaffi Sol is a delightful farmhouse cafe where you can taste local specialties and learn about the ‘hardfiskur’ (dried fish) produced there.

For smaller groups in a 4X4, we can take the rugged trail to the top of Sandafell mountain overlooking Thingeyri. The views of the fjord and ocean are spectacular.
Avec du temps supplémentaire, il est également possible d’y faire de la randonnée.

Opened in 1909, Skrudur is one of Iceland’s oldest public gardens and an example of successful horticulture in such northern climates. It boasts a variety of flora and a gate made from the jawbone of a blue whale.

The tunnel between Isafjordur and Onundarfjordur forks midway, allowing access to the narrow and deep Sugandafjordur fjord. The village of Sudureyri at the tip of the fjord was one of the most isolated in Europe before the tunnel opened in 1996.

This is a private tour. We also offer two group tour options to Dynjandi – Dynjandi Waterfall & The Westfjords et the Dynjandi Waterfall Express.

*Please note that private tour bookings are classed as requests until availability can be confirmed by our staff. Prices shown are flexible and you may be offered different prices, subject to availability.

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